We sing with a Zing!

Carol Georgiou

I joined Zingers in 2022. I was dragged by Rosalyn who thought it would be a good social outlet for me, meeting new people.
I thought I would be asked to leave after my first visit as I didn’t think I could sing as I have a background in Latin dancing not singing. I sadly had to give up dancing through injury.  I started as an alto, maybe because Rosalyn was one & she was my comfort blanket. I did find it quite difficult so I moved to the ladies Tenor section which I’m now enjoying & more confident with. My voice fits this section better.  I found another comfort blanket in Yvonne who has been helping me in this section. This lovely group has been good for me & I have met so many new friends. It gets me out meeting like-minded people. I’ve been told that if I couldn’t have held a tune, I would have been asked to have singing lessons & come back afterwards. This didn’t happen so now I know I can do something I never thought I could. Having been a cancer survivor, the added bonus of raising funds for our local Cancer charity pleases me greatly. I was so nervous doing my first gig but now I have a few under my belt, including the top hotels in Paphos, my confidence is building & I’m looking forward to many more.