We sing with a Zing!

Claudia Bonnemann

I joined the Zingers in November 2023 (Soprano)
I wanted to join the Zingers because singing sets the soul free. Right after the 1st choir rehearsal I was happy and in a good mood. The Zingers family had welcomed me very openly and friendly. People of all ages and from many different countries sing here. In this way, you create a family atmosphere. I feel very comfortable here.
Singing for a cancer charity is an honor for me.
Until I came to Cyprus I was in the German gospel choir “The Soul Birds” for 5 years
Here I train my voice with the brilliant choir director Tim, learn to sing new songs together with other vocal ranges and am allowed to go to the special performances. The great feeling after a successful gig is indescribable. It’s a wonderful feeling of togetherness!
I have a little wish: swing songs by Dean Martin or Frank Sinatra like:
Fly me to the Moon or Buona sera …, Strangers in the night….