Paphos Zingers choir

Jean Bliss

I am a new recruit to Zingers having joined in February 2015.

Having seen the Zingers sing many times I wanted to sing with them.

I used to be in a folk group many years ago and do some solo singing with the Phoenix Club Performing Arts Group and just love to sing. I do have a musical background  as most of my family play or sing.

For many years I have worked very hard and had no time for play, since coming to Cyprus I now  have time to do all the things I love. From the Zingers I am learning to sing harmony’s and I just love the amazing sound  and the very friendly people are very welcoming . How could I not like singing with them.

I am also a Morris dancer so some of the venues we meet are the same so its either a quick change or I have to choose so it depends if we have enough Morris dancers on that day, sadly the Morris dancers need all the support they can get so I will not let them down. The Zingers just go from strength to strength.