We sing with a Zing!

Jean Bliss

My name is Jean Bliss and 13 years ago I was told I had cancer. Instead of treatment, I decided to change my life. So, I gave up my business and my husband and I moved to Cyprus. On landing at the airport, we were met by the Zingers who were singing beautiful rock songs.. We settled in Paphos and started doing all the things we never had time to do as we worked so hard. Now it was our time. My husband started writing and has been very successful. He also leads walks. I started dancing and joined a performing arts group acting and singing. Then I joined the Zingers and was made very welcome. It was wonderful to help raise money for the cancer support. That was a long time ago now and I love the songs and the Zinger family. Singing has always made me happy and changing my life got rid of the cancer, 13 years and no problem. It’s a wonderful way to change your life, it worked for me thank you Zingers.