Paphos Zingers choir

Karen Roe

Singing is so therapeutic, it is my oxygen. I joined Zingers in its conception back in 2010 and I know it’s corny, but it has changed my life.

The group has helped me through some really tough health problems and the singing kept me going when nothing else could.

I am so proud to be able to give something back to our wonderful charity Cancer Patients Support Group.

As a little girl I was always singing, from the age of three I am told I used to sing “In Summer time” but I only knew one line, “lazing on a sunny afternoooooon.” it drove my family crazy.

I continued singing through my childhood, I was in the choir and the folk club at school and sang a Requiem in the church choir.

I was a member of B.R.A.D.S. Bradford Retail Amateur Drama Society, singing in many pantomimes and at school I had to be in every play.

I had a 20 year gap with no singing until I joined The Zingers.

As their P.R. and Marketing representative I am kept very busy and Zingers plays a very large part in my life, I could not possible think of life without it or my wonderful Zinger Family.