Lindi Louise Traise-Roffe

I joined Zingers in March 2015 because I love to sing.

I have always sung around the house. I once auditioned for the Leeds girls school choir. I used to sing in church and at Eisteddfod. Zingers choir is now a big part of my life. It gives me a special purpose in life, singing with friends, learning new songs, and performing to raise money for a worthwhile charity, There is also the added benefit of socialising! Our rehearsals are a nice blend of fun and seriousness. Music, singing & dance have always been a large part of my life, dancing, teaching dance & choosing the music to suit the dance. I started singing when I was quite young, singing solos & duets in church, Eisteddfords & singing competitions. I once auditioned for the Leeds Girls School Choir but was told I needed singing lessons. Unfortunately my parents were not in a financial position to provide these so I sang my way through life at every opportunity. Zingers has given me the chance to realise my dreams to sing. I get a great deal of pleasure being a member of Zingers as I dedicate a large part of my  life to learning new songs, meeting new people, making friends & singing to help raise money for the Cancer Patients Support Group charity.