We sing with a Zing!

Michael Hodson Sound Man Extraordinaire.

Not quite sure how I actually ended up doing this job but I was tricked into it by Karen Roe, I think back in 2022, my minds a blur.  Come and have a Look at the sound system,
(She said). We just need some advice ,(She said). Can you just test it’s all working, ( she said). So here I am and now I can’t get away from them !!!
In fairness I do have experience in this area.
I did music for the Sargent Mess and DJ’d around the army camps.  I also looked after the Sound system for the Royal British Legion in Richmond.
So, what am I getting out of Zingers and what does it means to me ?
Great banter with the group and I love winding up the ladies, be it rehearsals or during a performance.  Plus, it’s all done for a good cause . SHABBA!.