Paphos Zingers choir

Rose Taylor

Musical Director

I Joined The Paphos Zingers in 2011, thinking I would just go along and see if it was for me. I’m still here 2018 now as Musical Director!

I have always loved to sing from and early age. My first memory of any kind of performance was strutting around at the age of about 5 singing Nancy Sinatra’s ‘These Boots Were Made for Walking’ (this song is in our repertoire now funnily enough) entertaining the family with my moves !

At around 10 years old I joined a church choir and was placed in the soprano section, although I was always trying to pick out the harmony which the alto’s were singing and secretly wanted to be in that section of the choir.

Finding a harmony has always been a theme for me and throughout my teenage years I could be found singing along to the radio in the lounge, with a candlestick as a microphone, with my best friend. I gave her the melody and I sang the harmony..its seems I was destined to give people parts in songs.

So here I find myself now as MD for this wonderful group of people, finding, teaching and helping others sing harmonies and melodies.

Its a fun, supportive and charitable group of people who love to sing, raise money for charity and entertain.

Paphos Zingers is a huge part of my life and I look upon it as my other family and I am very privileged to be their Musical Director.