We sing with a Zing!

Sydney Barratt

I joined Zingers in February 2012, my first winter in my Paphos apartment. I didn’t know anyone, so started looking for groups to join. I saw an advertisement for the Zingers and the rest is history!

I sang in the church choir as a child, FOR THE MONEY, 6d a service and half a crown for weddings! I then joined the school choir (my parents wouldn’t let me learn the trumpet!)

In the UK (for the rest of the year) I sing with 4 different groups; a “serious “choir, requiems and stuff; a folk singing gang; a group that only sings outside; and a small group who meet every week but perform only once a year.

When I return here every January (usually here till end of April, crazy concerts excepted !) it is like coming back to old friends with a warm welcome from all. I love the different choices of songs. I may not love them all, but it is still great to have different challenges. I thoroughly enjoy taking part in any performances, as long as I am up to speed with words and harmonies. BUT, please let me hide in the back, if there are dance routines required as my co-ordination is RUBBISH!

In the few years that I have been a Zinger (I say that with pride) we seem to have gone from strength to strength, fantastic!

Extra rubbish: Singing is in my family. Two of my three sisters sing. My parents were always singing (in the house, in the car, etc.) My Maternal Grandmother was an alto like me, but UNLIKE me, her voice was trained!
I have the PERFECT voice for singing with lots of others! I am known for my “inventive harmonies with my folk gang, AND I regularly sing with the men in the “outdoor “group when they are limited in number.