Paphos Zingers choir

Wilma Milne

In secondary school was in school choir till I left at the age of 15.

Joined the local Elgin Amateur Stage productions when I was 17. In chorus for three years, then became principal boy for 6 years & principal girl for 1 year. Left to have my first child, I was a Sunday school teacher for a few years, and also sang in the church choir. I competed in the local music festival singing mostly Scottish songs, but also some other classes that required a different technique. I won most of the classes with honours or distinction. I then joined the local Amateur Operatic society in 1966. Was under study for Pitti Singh in the Mikado. Was with the group for 30 years. Came to Cyprus & joined the Paphos Zingers in February 2012. This changed my life for me here. I just love being a Zinger.