The Cancer Patients Support Group (CPSG), was founded in 1995 to provide help and financial support for the newly formed PASYKAF Home Nursing Service (Macmillan Nurses) for cancer patients of all nationalities in Paphos and surrounding villages. We are the fundraising arm for this cancer charity.
CPSG materializes its Aims through –
• Memberships
• Individual Donations
• Donations from other Groups, Clubs and Associations. This includes large donations from the Rock Choir Paphos Zingers.
• Fundraising Events and Activities
Since January 2012, a local Rock Choir, The PAPHOS ZINGERS, a group of people with a love of singing, asked if they could fundraise for CPSG and we are proud to say we were the first Charity with its very own Choir. We work very closely together & we discuss where their fundraising money is spent. The majority being spent on equipment. From just one event the Zingers bought 3 mobile oxygen units. They have helped to buy so much needed equipment over the years. Especially for Palliative Care patients who wanted to be in their own home for their last months, weeks or days.
The Trained Volunteer Section
The first group of Volunteers were trained in 2006 to act as a support team for the PASYKAF Home Care Nurses and under their instruction provide
• A supplement listening support service
• Befriending patients, helping with outside the home services, e.g. collecting prescriptions, shopping, taking patients to the Hospital or picking up patients and taking them to the Centre to catch the bus, and of course meeting them for the trip back home.
• Helpline duties
Senoir Nurse Rachel: ( or as she is better known by the Zingers, Earth Angel), provides on a daily basis:- Wound Care:  Injections;  Blood taking;  Catheterization:  Stoma care:  Post-operative support;  Lymphodema Therapy;  Patient education and Personal care. This is all free for cancer patients.
The Home Care Nursing Team consist of 4 full time nurses, covering out of hours service (24 hours) 365 days/year for those patients and families/carers who need our support and Specialised Palliative Nursing care at home, at any stage of their diagnosis and beyond.
In particular we have seen a rise in the number of referrals from all the Oncology Departments and Hospitals. Oncologists,  Surgeons and Physicians alike recognise the importance of quality of life, advanced Palliative Medicine and support which can be truly achieved in the patients’ own home environment with the support and education of the Holistic Multi-disciplinary Team approach.
The team offer free services from :-
Medical Dr. Christina Glyki.
4 full time nurses
1 full time Social Worker
2 part time Psychologists
1 part time Physiotherapists
1 part time Dietician
1 full time driver running the minibus from Paphos to Limassol and Nicosia.
1 full time Services Secretary
(Plus the 3 office staff who are not part of the medical team but all imperative for the administration and running of Paphos office, fund raising etc)
Here are some statistics from 2022 given to us by our Nursing Team ( which we know will increase each year ).
1.   New patient referrals 202
2.   Total patients 498
3.   Total visits by 4 nurses 6316
4.   Total villages covered 92